Glass & Mirrors


Glass & Mirrors Cut to Size
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At Ames Glass we can cut glass to size to meet your specific requirements, whether it is a piece of picture frame glass or a fridge glass shelf. Similarly, Our services include mirror glass cut to size and shape as per the clients request.We can also supply toughened glass with thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 25mm. For more information on the various types of glass and mirror services we offer at Ames Glass, browse through the services below.



Splash Backs & Workshops

Glass Splash Backs

Glass splash backs for kitchens and hobs are usually supplied in 6mm toughened glass, however we can supply thicker glass if required. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Glass Worktops

At Ames Glass, we can manufacture worktops in 25mm float glass or 19mm toughened float glass. Cut outs for sinks, taps or electrical outlets can be made using water jet cutting technology to achieve sooth edges.

If coloured glass worktops or coloured glass splash backs are required, low iron glass is used as it is optically clear and looses its natural greenness, ensuring accurate RAL colour matching. If you would like to learn more about this process don’t hesitate to

We can manufacture worktops in 25mm float glass or 19mm toughened float glass. Splash backs are usually supplied in 6mm toughened glass but thicker glass is available if you require it.
Cut outs for sinks, taps or electrical outlets can be made using water jet cutting technology to achieve sooth edges.
If the work top or splash back is to be coloured, we use Low Iron glass, which is optically clear and looses the natural greenness of glass for accurate colour matching. Contact us to speak to one of our experts.


Polishing, Bevelling & Drilling


At Ames Glass, we can perform various mechanical processes on glass to give different effects and finishes

Bevelled Glass. What is it?

The bevelled edge glass look is achieved by cutting around the edge of glass at an angle and its effect enhances the glass aesthetics dramatically. Bevelled glass is frequently used for the likes of table-tops, shelves and door panels. Bevelled edge mirrors are also very popular.

Glass edge polishing

We can also use our glass polishing machine to not only enhance the look of glass giving a clean visual finish, but also to provide a safe edge. This is particularly important for exposed edges on glass balustrades, shower screens and shelving for example.

Glass Drilling

For clients who need mounting or access holes, we can use our glass drilling machine to drill holes to your sizes. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to let us know your requirements or simply submit an enquiry through our contact form on our contact page.


Security & Safety Glass

Special glass is required for specific situations or projects, namely, to provide security and safety. Ames Glass can provide safety glass cut to size to meet the needs of all clients.

High levels of security are commonly achieved by using toughened laminated glass which importantly breaks but stays in one piece which is why it is also a type of safety glass. This effect is achieved by having two pieces of glass bonded together with a special resin, where one side can break whilst the other stays in-tact.

Customers often want to have burglar proof windows, and for this we can increase the thickness of the glass and internal resin depending on the client’s requirements. Toughening glass this way increases the mechanical strength of the glass by 3-4 times and enhances its safety properties as it shatters into small pieces when it breaks. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.


Structural Glass and Balustrades

At Ames Glass we can supply and/or fit to your drawings or template specifications, structural glass such as glass stair treads and balustrade glass. As well as providing balustrade glass panels cut to size, we also have a wide selection of balustrade brackets and fixings that are available in stainless steel, chrome, brass and coloured finishes. get in touch and tell us about your project and we can help you select the most appropriate type of glass to meet any building regulations for a given situation etc.


Replacement Double Glazed Units

Replacement double glazed units can be manufactured in just 2 hours if you require an emergency service.
We can offer Low E glass ( soft or hard coat ), warm edge spacer bars, Argon or Krypton gas filling and a variety of spacer bar sizes from 4mm to 20mm.
White internal Georgian bars, lead work and coloured film can be added to your unit if desired.
Units can be made with various thicknesses and types of glass. Please ask our staff.

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We have mobile glaziers based over all the North London postcodes for re-glazes, measure ups and repairs. All glass/mirror cutting and processing is handled at our workshop in Lordship Lane, Wood Green, N22 5BY.